Guidelines of the Klingel medical metal group

1. Guidelines for quality

  • Awareness: We produce highly complex products for sensitive applications. Together we secure our jobs with our daily work, as it is the quality of our products and the satisfied customer who "pay" our salary.
  • Transfer of knowledge: We share our knowledge about the quality concerns with our colleagues, employees and supervisors.
  • Open error culture: We not only talk openly about mistakes and problems but also find a solution. We analyse the cause of the errors. We learn more every day to improve our daily work.

2. Guidelines for the interaction

  • Mistakes are no weaknesses, but the chance to do better.
  • We keep the communication channels open and inform in a direct way.
  • For the good of the environment, we take care of a responsible use of our ressources.
  • Respect, appreciation, reliance, and objective criticism form the basis of our discussions.
  • We don't  tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, threat and/or oppression.