One-Stop-Shop for metal precision with high impact

Five competence centres under one roof

With the takeover of Josef Ganter Feinmechanik GmbH in Dauchingen by the Klingel medical metal GmbH in Pforzheim in 2015, the Klingel medical metal group was introduced, and has since then continued to grow without interruptions. Since Dezember 2018 or rather since March 2019 the two Swiss companies Gehring Cut and Bächler Feintech belong to the group, which thereby has further inreased its presence and impact on the European medical technology market. In the meantime, Gehring Cut belongs to Bächler Feintech and operates under its name. In 2020, the packaging specialist puracon in Rosenheim became another member of the corporate group. This was followed in December 2021 by the acquisition of the Swiss medical technology company Ruetschi Technology, based in Muntelier in the canton of Fribourg. In parallel, the group has also grown organically, for example through the construction of a new production hall at Josef Ganter and another company expansion at Klingel medical metal in Pforzheim's Altgefäll and at Bächler Feintech in Hölstein within the last two years. With the merger of well established, DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 certificated medical technology suppliers in Germany and Switzerland - included the recent company acquisition of the packaging specialist puracon in Rosenheim - not only production capacities are increased, but also know-how and experience are pooled and synergy effects created. Last but not least, the portfolio of our one-stop-shop could be further developed and improved.

The one-stop-shop principle of the Klingel medical metal group means:

  • more than the sum of the indiviual services
  • turnkey solutions according to the principle 1+1>2
  • unsurpassed range in manufacturing and service, with own technologies and a high level of automation
  • one project manager across all process steps
  • streamlined sequences and optimised interface management and therefore higher efficiency and reduced complexity
  • less auditing expenditure

One word. One contact person. One complete value creation chain.